Welcome to the parent introduction to Edgenuity page!

Students at the WH wiIll be using Edgenuity for most core classes and some electives.   

Courses exclusively using Edgenuity will not have updated grades in Schoology/PowerSchool, but you will see on the launch page (what every student sees immediately when they log in) shows them ALL of their courses/ALL of their progress/All of their grades for their Edgenuity courses.  These grades are updated continuously and you or the student can see it at any time.

Courses that have Edgenuity are:

Algebra I Seminar 8
English 6 Science 6
English 7 Science 7
English 8 Science 8
Geometry Social Studies 6
Intro to Algebra US History
Math 6 World History
Math 7 Math 8

***The Honors or advanced levels of the above classes are also included***


Please watch the following short videos to get an overview of Edgenuity and what the student will see when they login.  Please notice that the OPENING PAGE that the student sees shows them ALL of their courses/ALL of their progress/All of their grades for their Edgenuity courses:


Edgenuity Overview and Using the Course Map:




What does ACTUAL grade mean:



How does a student log in?



Due to the increased usage of Edgenuity the usernames for WH students will be one of the following two (2) options:     

A.  For 50% of the students their username for Edgenuity is their 5 digit student/lunch number such as '62345'       

B.   For the rest of the students they were given a random number that will be GIVEN to them by their teacher(s).

The password for all students is the same password that they use to log into WHSD Google.  It is Whsd1234 where the 1234 is the student's normal 4 digit password that they use for logging into Schoology.

So an example would be:

Username:  62345

Password:  Whsd9256


How to:  click here







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