Parent/Student Technology Resources


BBC History for Kids - Games, quizzes, and fact sheets take kids on a journey through time - walk through ancient history, world history, and histories of different countries

BrainBashers Games - Massive collection of fun, free, online games (age 10+)

BrainPOP Jr - Animated educational content for kids to explore, for a fee (ages 5+)

CoolMath - Info and games designed to boost math's fun factor (age 12+)

Crickweb - Educational games and interactive activities (ages 4-11)

Cyberchase - Site based on PBS show is online learning at its best (age 8+)

Discovery Kids - Games, puzzles, activities, and quizzes gets kids involved in discovering something new (age 6+)

Disney Jr. - Games, videos, and coloring pages - games focus on hand-eye coordination, color matching, and other important mind developing skills (age 3+)

Exploratorium - Captivating site on everyday (and advanced) science topics (age 10+)

FactMonster - Tons of fun info on topics from math to history to sports (age 9+)

Figure This! - Complex math concepts presented as real-world examples (age 11+)

FunBrain - Math, Reading, online books, and learning games (age 7+)

Game Classroom - Fun homework helper supplements kids' classwork (age 5+)

Highlights for Kids - Matching games, art activities, animated stories, and science experiments (age 6+)

How Stuff Works - Article breaks down subjects like auto, culture, entertainment, science, money, technology and more - games, quizzes, and videos rounds out the experience (age 12+) 

Kidipede:  History for Kids - Dig into the fun history, but ignore strange ads (age 10+)

Kids Know It - Learn about animals, chemistry, spelling, geography, astronomy, and more - watch free educational movies, listen to educational music, and read fun facts from bones to bats

Learning Games for Kids - These games teach kids about almost every subject:  Word, spelling, social studies, brain, science, art, vocabulary, litertaure and keyboarding games (age

Make Me a Genius - Filled with videos that cover a variety of subjects, such as physics for kids, the nervous system, the solar system, and electricity (age 6+)

Math Playgournd - Features math games, word problems, worksheets, and puzzles for K to 6th grade students. (age 6-12)

National Geographics Kids - Watch animal cameras, see and share photos of nature, learn about different countries, and try science experiments (age 8+)

Mr. Nussbaum - Engaging teacher-created edu site helps kids learn (age 7+)

NASA Space Place - Site shows kids the fun in learning about science and tech (age 8+)

NICK Jr - printable, games, and other activities - games include creativity, play dress up, learn new music, puzzles, and number and shape recognition (age 4+)

Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids - Features riddles, puzzles, and a question of the day, a timeline of interesting history facts, sky events and weather conditions to track at home

PBS Kids - Each educational show has their own learning section - includes sing-a-long songs, sorting and counting games, watch videos, and more (age 6+)

Scholastic - Learning activities broken down by grade level (age 4+)

Scholastics Kids Press Corp - Kid reporters (and readers) get schooled in journalism (age 9+)

Science Bob - Experiment-packed site with some seriously fun science info (age 12+)

Sesame Street - Choose from hundreds of the show's video clips and play games with letters, animal sounds, rhymes, colors, and more (age 4+)

Seymour Simon - Author's site, blog promote love of science and nature (age 8+)

Starfall - Goes from letter recognition through reading plays, nonfiction, and comics (age 4+)

StudyJams! - Lively math, science site caters to various learning styles (age 8+)

The KIDZ Page - has more than 5,000 learning games and actiities - includes online coloring pages, puzzles, word games, and holiday section (age 6+)

The Learning Network - NYTimes blog gives young people fluff-free news, discussion (age 12+)

TIME for Kids - Loaded with interesting articles, videos, and photos - includes politics, environment, entertainment, sports, and health (age 8+)