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Edgewood STEAM Academy Directory

Quick Reference Last Updated: 9/1/2020 9:56 AM
Grade Level or Subject         Name Email Address
Pre-K Rachel Haynes reifra@whsd.us
Pre-K Allison Milko milkal@whsd.us
Kindergarten Robin Frederick fredro@whsd.us
Kindergarten Amy Scifo scifam@whsd.us
Kindergarten Wendy Storey storwe@whsd.us
Kindergarten Lillian Tatarzyn tatali@whsd.us
1st Grade Sarah Robbins robbsa@whsd.us
1st Grade Jessica DeTorre detoje@whsd.us
1st Grade Julianne Conard libeju@whsd.us
1st Grade Alicia Cole coleal@whsd.us
1st Grade Julie Scarberry scarju@whsd.us
2nd Grade Kristin Kennedy kennkr@whsd.us
2nd Grade Christa Kirk calgch@whsd.us
2nd Grade Gionna Fonseca fonsgi@whsd.us
2nd Grade Sarah Simpson simpsa@whsd.us
2nd Grade Erik Meredith mereer@whsd.us
3rd Grade Melinda Dabecco norrme@whsd.us
3rd Grade Emily Hall kirkem@whsd.us
3rd Grade Mirabai Kasecky kasemi@whsd.us
3rd Grade Lisa Brand branli@whsd.us
4th Grade Allison Borts bortal@whsd.us
4th Grade Jenah Muhammad muhaje@whsd.us
4th Grade Jonathan Zeminski zemijo@whsd.us
5th Grade Candice Fascetti fascca@whsd.us
5th Grade Desiree White-Price whitde@whsd.us
5th Grade Koren Shelvey shelko@whsd.us
5th Grade Tracy Mitchell mitctr@whsd.us
Art Nina Buzzeo buzzni@whsd.us
Gifted Education Jill Keresztury miskji@whsd.us
Library Ashley Luczak mutoas@whsd.us
Music Casey Burgh burgca@whsd.us
Music Lora Hertrick hertlo@whsd.us
Music Katie Miller millka@whsd.us
Music Carol Smith smitcar@whsd.us
Technology Education Teacher Ryan Brown browry@whsd.us
Physical Education Chris Seitzinger seitch@whsd.us
Physical Education Charles Murdock murdch@whsd.us
RTII - Reading Mary Cupani cupama@whsd.us
RTII Behavior Interventionist Jami Heffley kuhnja@whsd.us
RTII Math Lisa Foster fostli@whsd.us
RTII Reading Mary Margaret Gleason gleama@whsd.us
Social Worker Bethany Smith smitbe@whsd.us
Special Education Amanda Ostendorf osteam@whsd.us
Special Education Lauren West westla@whsd.us
Special Education Jen Garver stisje@whsd.us
Special Education Ashley Mittica mittas@whsd.us
Special Education Matthew Richards richma@whsd.us
Special Education Kaleigh Ruggiero ruggka@whsd.us
Special Education Kelly Lucas lucake@whsd.us
Special Education Scott Andrew andrsc@whsd.us
Special Education Delease Edwards edwadel@whsd.us
Speech and Language Julie Burns russju@whsd.us
Technology Coach Marty Sharp sharma@whsd.us