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MS Kline

Allison Kline

Dear Wilkins Families and Friends:

In this very uncertain and unique time in our country, I want to reassure you that we are preparing for the new school year.  There is an active District Covid-19 Committee, making plans for the new school year.  At Wilkins, we are reviewing all our procedures, schedule, and processes to keep everyone safe, regardless of how we have to deliver the instruction. 

However, we start the year, Wilkins teachers will be prepared.  Many teachers are working with other district teachers on curriculum writing and mapping to ensure that we bring our students relevant and engaging lessons.  All teachers are learning the Google Classroom framework to ensure that if we have to use virtual instruction, that instruction is rigorous, engaging, and individualized.  

Wilkins has also developed the A-TSI Plan -- as required by the state due to our chronic absences and test scores -- to increase student achievement.  The plan is attached for your review.  The Plan will focus on two goals:  decreasing the percent of chronic absenteeism (students who miss 10% of the school year or more) and increasing the math and reading achievement scores as measured by the NWEA MAP diagnostic tests.  

Student achievement is always and will always be our main goal, but we recognize that students have other needs as well.  Woodland Hills is working with our mental health providers to meet the behavior and social needs of the students whether they are in-school learners or virtual learners.  Students' IEPs will be reviewed to make specific steps to meet their unique needs too.

If you have any questions, please call or email me directly: or 412-824-3231 extension 2320.  I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Thank you.  Stay safe.

Allison A. Kline


Wilkins A-TSI Plan 2020-21


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