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Special Education Teacher

Learning Support- 3rd grade
Wilkins Primary

BA - Carlow College
+ additional 24 credits



Welcome!  My name is Amy Hohn and I am a Learning Support Teacher at Woodland Hills Primary - Wilkins.  I work with students in third grade.  I am excited about working with all of my students this year and will continue to provide as much support as I can throughout the school year.  With your encouragement, your child will be a part of many exciting and rewarding experiences this academic year.


I utilize a webbased program called ClassDojo.  This is a system that is meant to create a positive environment in the classroom and individually encourage positive behavior as well as positive social interaction amongst the class.  I encourage all of my parents to join ClassDojo with the invitation code that is sent home.  This is a way for you to see how your child is doing in school and stay in contact with me on a regular basis. 


In third grade, the students use Reading Wonders curriculum for reading.  We supplement with Wonder Works in the Learning Support classroom. It provides the same skills, spelling, and vocabulary for the students.  For Math, instead of using the Ready math curriculum, we are using Jump Math.  This series is a little slower paced and easier for the students to understand.  It provideds more practice on a given skill and presents the skills in a "guided discovery" approach.


Homework is assigned as a packet and typically there is a week to complete it. (example... given on a Monday ... due on Friday)  The packet will begin with a Newsletter that gives you a snippet of what is happening in the subject areas as well as the expected dates for tests up and coming.  There are dates to remember and some worth websites on there as well. 





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