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Woodland Hills Opportunity Camp Last Updated: 5/26/2022 9:56 AM




Click Here to Have Your Student's Name Added to the Enrollment Waitlist 


Click Here for WHOC Employment Opportunities

A flyer advertising the need for educators at the Woodland Hills Opportunity Camp this summer.


If you have any questions or would like more information contact Tamika McGee - mcgeta@whsd.net

See What Families are Saying About WHOC

“My child truly enjoyed her time at WHOC and learned so much, from African dance to ceramics, along with daily reading of books she was able to add to her library at home. The field trips were great and having breakfast, lunch and bussing included was an added benefit for parents/guardians. Overall it proved to be a well-rounded experience of summer fun with learning mixed in.”  

“My family was thrilled with Camp Opportunity! The academics didn’t feel like school, my son enjoyed seeing friends, and it still allowed him a nice summer break. Free transportation was a game changer for working parents. The teachers and administrators were fun, exciting and very helpful. One more reason WHSD is a special place.”  

“My son was always eager to talk about camp everyday. He is an only child and this gave him the opportunity to interact with kids his age during the summer and go on field trip and experience new things like bowling and skating. He always had books to bring home and stories to tell. Can't wait to sign up next year.”  

“My kids were just as excited about this camp as they’ve been in previous summers when we’ve been able to send them to a week at a specialized camp. They loved all of the activities, were thrilled to see friends from school every day, and we didn’t have to strain our budget at all!”