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Last Updated: 8/24/2020 2:56 AM
If you need login information for your child, please call your school's secretary.
Before contacting the HELP DESK did you know that login info has changed?
Google Login  (Chromebook, Classroom, Drive, etc.):
Gmail:     (the old way was
Password:   Whsd1234
WHSD Student Schoology:
User:  12345
Password:     Whsd1234    (the old way was 1234)
Did you review the new login procedures?      CLICK HERE


If you have technical problems or questions with your child's account or WHSD Chromebook.
Please call 412-731-1300 and enter the four digit extension of the building where your child is in.
Support Hours are from 8:30 AM until 2:00 PM,
Monday thru Friday.
Wilkins Support:  2300   or email:
Edgewood Support: 2100   or email:
Turtle Creek  Support: 4100   or email:
Intermediate Support: 4200   or email:
High School Support: 5100   or email:
District Tech Dept. Support:  0103  or email: