Superintendent's Message

Daniel Castagna

Dr. Daniel Castagna

Now that we’ve had a chance to pause and reflect I would like to take a moment and thank the Woodland Hills school community and families for a successful completion to the 2021-2022 school year. 


As we move forward, we do so recognizing the areas we must expand upon for growth.  We have adopted a model of continuous improvement that sets both short and long term goals that we will build upon and review to catalyst exponential growth in many areas.  As part of the school board meeting on Wednesday, June 22, the district administration and school board will publicly present our vision, mission, and goals for the 22–23 school year. We would love everyone in our community to attend in person or by zoom to hear our plan for a progressive academic program, that creates new and exciting opportunities for students, while remaining fiscally responsible to our taxpayers.  We will also unveil our aggressive marketing campaign to help spread the word about the many great things that are happening inside our school district.  


While I have your attention, I’d like to also comment that a recent mistake was made that alerted a parent that school choice would no longer be an option in our elementary schools. Wednesday afternoon I was alerted of this and quickly explained that the statement was made in error and that no decision was made regarding school choice. If at any time the school board would consider to move seriously in that direction, we would first alert the public and ask for feedback prior to voting on the topic. I hope this clears up any confusion and I apologize for any misunderstanding.


Remember, it’s sometimes hard to see the way when everything is blocking our view forward, but if we can see our next step…we will just take that!!!   One step at a time…we will get there together!!!


Yours in Education!


Dr. Castagna


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