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Class of 2021: College & Career Information

Last Updated: 9/15/2020 12:22 PM


Online home of the Class of 2021 and your college and career access team.   This will be your one stop for requesting transcripts, college applications, career exploration, and more.

Release of Records 

Complete this official document for Woodland Hills School District to release your official transcript (academic records) to college(s).  


Transcript Request 

After completing application(s) for individual college(s), please complete this form in its entirety. A Release of Records must be done prior to completing this form. An Activity List should also be completed prior to completing this form or directly after.  You will need your SAT/ACT scores (if applicable) for this document.  These may be added at a later date if needed.  If you are completing the Common App, special steps are required.  Please see below for instructions.  


Activities List 

If you want any extracurricular activities added to your official transcript, please complete this form.  

Guidelines for Applying to College 


Woodland Hills info:

1) Per Woodland Hills School District policy, official transcripts must be sent to colleges by the guidance department.

2) ALL Woodland Hills students are eligible for up to 6 college application fee waivers and 6 stamped envelopes. 

3) We must have a Release of Records on file to process your application.  COMPLETE THE RELEASE OF RECORD FORM HERE


Steps after completing the Release of Records:

1) Submit applications to college(s) of your choice.

2) Complete Transcript Request form.  CLICK HERE FOR THE TRANSCRIPT REQUEST

3) If completing the Common App, there are specific guidelines that must be followed:   If you are completing a COMMON APP:     1.) print the school report 2.) include counselor recommendation forms 3.) provide college-addressed, stamped envelopes for each college.     These 3 items must be submitted  to guidance in person.   If you need access to a printer/postage/etc. please contact Dr. Damico.

4) Complete Activity List.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ACTIVITIES LIST  

5) If Letters of Recommendation are required, please complete a Brag Sheet.  This is found in Dr. Damico's Class of 2021 Google Classroom.  If you need an additional copy CLICK HERE.

  • Once the brag sheet is completed, please share with the recommenders.  
  • Remember a recommender is NOT a family member but is someone who has known you for at least a year and can speak well on your behalf.

6) If at any time you have concerns about this process, please reach out to Ms. Robin Schoenthal (schoro@whsd.net) who is the Guidance Secretary.  For detailed help with completing any steps of this process, please contact Dr. Damico (damije@whsd.net) in the College and Career Center.  She is available to help you every step of the way including individual appointments if desired.