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English and Language Arts

An Overview of Courses and Materials
The core foundation of our academic work is the promotion of literacy, developing our students from emerging readers to literate third graders, prepared for the academic tasks ahead. In grades K-2, our students utilize The SuperKids Reading Program to develop both their reading and writing skills. Superkids is a nationally recognized program with proven success in motivating students to engage in the act of reading and assist students who have fallen behind. Recently, Superkids was awared five stars by the National Right-To-Read Foundation. Below, you can review the scope and sequence of topics covered in each grade level.


Kindergarten    First Grade     Second Grade


As our students transtion from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" , they are also required to read, understand, and interpret increasingly complex texts, as well as articulate that understanding in lengthy compositions and text dependant analysis. Because of this, the district has chosen to utilize Reading Wonders in grades 3-6. This program not only provides a diverse collection of grade-level appropriate texts, but emphasizes an understanding of comprehension strategies that can aid the studnet in understanding any text, now and in the future. Below, you will find the scope and sequence of Reading Wonders at each grade level,

Reading Wonders

Third Grade    Fourth  Grade      Fifth Grade    Sixth Grade  


Our secondary program prepares students for College and Careers by offer a wide selection of ELA courses and electives. The full course catalogue is below:


Secondary ELA Catalogue