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Kindergarten - Third Grade : The Path to Literacy

An Overview of Courses and Materials

The Woodland Hills School District Kindergarten to Third Grade Academic Program, housed in our Wilkins and Edgewood Primary Schools and at the Woodland Hills Academy, focuses on preparing our early learners for the rigors of school, both socially and academically. Below you will find an overview of our core programs by content area.

Reading and Writing


The core foundation of our academic work is the promotion of literacy, developing our students from emerging readers to literate third graders, prepared for the academic tasks ahead. In grades K-2, our students utilize The SuperKids Reading Program to develop both their reading and writing skills. Superkids is a nationally recognized program with proven success in motivating students to engage in the act of reading and assist students who have fallen behind. Recently, Superkids was awared five stars by the National Right-To-Read Foundation. Below, you can review the scope and sequence of topics covered in each grade level.


Kindergarten    First Grade     Second Grade


As our early readers prepare for the demands of more complex texts and increased rigor in composition, we transition to McGraw Hill's Reading Wonders, which features a diverse body of grade-level texts reflecting the most recent state requirements. While this program beings in third grade, students can expect to use Wonders through their 6th grade year.

Third Grade



As the state of Pennsylvania has radically alterred its expectations for Mathematics instruction, through its implementation of the rigorous PA Core Standards, the Woodland Hills School Disrict has implemented Ready Math in its classrooms Kindergarten through Eighth grade, providing a consistency of instruction across our buildings. Ready Math is one of the few math programs that is designed specifically for the Pennsylvania Core Standards and not the National Common Core. It is also the highest rated Math program by Below you will find a pacing guides reflecting the skills.

Kindergarten   First Grade   Second Grade   Third Grade


With new technologies and discoveries emerging every day, it is impertive that we utilize current materials and cutting edge technology to ensure that our students our prepared for a quickly changing world. Because of this, the district has chosen an approach to Science based on the the forward-looking Next-Generation Science Standards. In our K-3 band, we utilize a variety of programs to cover the vast range of content, including the NGSS aligned InSpire Science, as well as hands-on kits, both self developed and purchased through Asset Stem Education. Science programs are addtionally supplemented through materials from Scholastic Learning, and self-developed modules designed to meet the requirements of the state exams.

Our Science programming extends to our use of technology. Every student in the district participates in coding and digital citizenship instruction starting in Kindergarten. Students are likewise trained to utilize a number of digital work environments, from Windows PCs to Macs, Ipads to Kindles, to the emerging range of new device categories. Every Woodland Hills student will be technologically literate and future ready.

Below you can find more information about the Next Generation Science Standards and our district programs.

Next Generation Science Standards      Inspire Science