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CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of SHREK on their 10 Gene Kelly Nominations.  This brings the Woodland Hills total to 240 nominations and 115 awards. The Gene Kelly Awards will be held Saturday, May 28 at the Benedum Center.

Best Scenic Design

Best Costume Design

Best Lighting Design

Best Vocal Ensemble

Best Dance Ensemble

Best Crew and Technical Execution

Best Supporting Actress (Theodore McClelland, "Dragon)

Best Actor (Dominic DiFuccia, "Shrek)

Outstanding Student Artists (Thomas Bellows, Lindsey Linsenbigler, Jaide Moses, Grace Moon, Dragon Puppeteers)

Best Musical



Legally Blonde Jr.




Alumni Musical Weekend




A big night for Woodland Hills alums at the Tony Awards!

Tasha Smith (’96) sang with the Broadway Inspirational Voices during the “Broadway’s Back” televised portion of the evening.

Rashad Chambers (’97) co-produced “The Inheritance” which won four Tony Awards, including Best Play!




Mindful Music Moments


MMM is a program brought to us by a generous grant from the Musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the TheWell.World.  This mindfulness and meditation through music program is being implemented at all of the WHSD buildings.  Please visit and use password mindfuldickson to utilize this valuable resource.  Please email Ms.Lisa Endler with questions at

Mindful Music Moments


Alumni Musical/Performing Arts Guild Survey

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