Numbers/Operations - Fractions (Lessons 10-18)

Lesson 10 Add/subtract fractions (unlike) (5.NF.1)

Lesson 11Word problems with +/- fractions (5.NF.2)

Lesson 12 Fraction as division (5.NF.3)

Lesson 13 Fraction x whole number, fraction x fraction (5.NF.4a)

Lesson 14 Multiply fractions of area (5.NF.4b)

Lesson 15 Interpreting x of fractions (5.NF.5)

Lesson 16 Word problems with x of fractions (5.NF.6)

Lesson 17 Fraction ÷ whole number (5.NF.7a)

Lesson 17 Whole ÷ fraction (5.NF.7b)

Lesson 18 Word problems with division of fractions (5.NF.7c)