WHSD Code of Student Conduct

Philosophy on Student Conduct

The Woodland Hills School District is dedicated to the development of each student’s potential, both academic and social, within a positive learning environment. This is an on-going process centered on teacher, student, and family cooperation and collaboration in the classroom, built on a foundation of positive relationships between school and home. Classrooms will develop a shared set of expectations, rules, and practices based on the strengths and needs of individual students. The Woodland Hills School District utilizes a wide system of supports at the building and District level to meet each student’s needs including: Student Assistance Programs, School Wide Positive Behavior Supports, Restorative Justice, Response to Instruction and Intervention, Peer Mediation/Mentoring, and Career and College Readiness Programs. Additional options, alternatives, and consequences exist at building, District, and external levels. This process is fundamental in creating a safe and secure learning environment for students, which will allow the Woodland Hills School District to focus on our first priority, providing an excellent educational experience for all students, families, and community members.

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