This year in math studies will be reinforcing skills in division, multiplication, and fractions.  In addition, students will learn about probability, geometry ,and pre-algebra. Our math series is called Ready Math.  We have used this series in previous years.  Our math curriculum has a "spiraling approach", which means students will study a certain skill more than once throughout the year. 





Homework and Assignments


It is important that students complete their math homework and assignments.  Students will have math homework every week.  Studies say that when students reinforce their learning they retain the information.  In addition to homework, students will complete a end of the quarter math project.  This math project will be given to students 2 weeks before the due date.  Most of the work will be completed at home. 





Math Journal




Students will complete a math journal.  They will be assigned at the beginning of the week and due on Friday.  Students will be responsible for writing how they solved the problem.  They goal for students is to write and show how they are completing the problem.  Students will receive a grade based on how they attempt to solve the problem and the correct solution.  I will provide each student with a rubric before each journal.