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Woodland Hills Online Academy


WHOA enrollment is closed for the quarter for current Woodland Hills students. The form may still be submitted; however, enrollment for the program will not begin until the start of the next quarter. All new submissions will receive an email indicating that their enrollment form has been received. A follow up email will occur closer to the start of the next quarter to schedule an orientation meeting. All students should remain at their building in person until their schedule has been adjusted to reflect WHOA.


The Woodland Hills Online Academy is a teacher-led online learning option for students who reside in the Woodland Hills School District who will be entering grades K-12. The Academy utilizes Accelerate Education for grades K-5 and Edgenuity Courseware for grades 6-12. Students, who enroll in the academy, are able to create a flexible schedule and work from any remote area while being able to still participate in all activities, sports, clubs, and programs. Additionally, students who participate in the Woodland Hills Online Academy will enjoy all the benefits of being a Woodland Hills’ student, including earning a Woodland Hills School District diploma and participating in graduation ceremonies.

Why Choose Woodland Hills On-line Academy?

The Woodland Hills School District is committed to meeting the needs of all students, including those that need a placement other than the traditional classroom setting. The WHOA program is designed to provide students in grades K-12 with a rigorous and fulfilling educational experience.  One of the goals of the WHOA program is to allow students to be apart of a learning community by interacting with district teachers and students as much as they choose. WHOA offers students and families:
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Course aligned to in person learning.
  • Ability to attend Forbes Road Career and Technology Center
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Technical Support
  • Ability to work when it is most convenient
  • Eligible to participate in Woodland Hills School District Activities
  • Eligible to receive a Woodland Hills School District Diploma 

Woodland Hills Cyber Instructional Framework

  • Asynchronous Instruction (communication is separated by time, such as emails).
    • Independent-Instruction through video resources
    • Live Support
  • Hybrid Instructional Option
    • Ability to choose Asynchronous Instruction
    • Ability to come into the building

Benefits of Asynchronous Learning

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • ·Ability to work at own pace
  • Ability to work from any remote area

Benefits of Hybrid Learning

  • Students are able to choose partial day onsite curriculum part time along with asynchronous learning.
  • Students are able to participate in Advanced Placement Curriculum part time along with asynchronous learning.
  • Students are able to participate in Forbes Road School District part time along with asynchronous learning.

For information on WHOA or enrollment for secondary students please contact:

- Dr. Pam White


For elementary enrollments please contact:

- Erik Meredith


Contact Information:

Dr. Pam White
WHOA Administrator
Phone: 412-731-1300  X0154

Erik Meredith
Elementary Facilitator

Tracy Weaver
Attendance Officer (6-12)

Jason Coleman
WHOA Facilitator/Technical Support (6-12)

Susan Lewis
Technical Support (K-5)