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Woodland Hills Opportunity Camp

Thank you for a wonderful summer. We look forward to serving you again next year!


All Woodland Hills Opportunity Camp students will discover and develop their strengths and passions by working  with caring adults who will nurture their natural curiosity and wonder resulting in confident students who take risks in exploring their interests and possible career pathways. 



At Woodland Hills Opportunity Camp, all students will engage in a blend of rigorous academic curriculum and enrichment activities that will extend their learning and prevent summer learning loss while also supporting their social-emotional development within positive relationships and rigorous and relevant curriculum that is developed with the support of families and community partners.

2023 Opportunity Camp Photos

A middle school student tries a homemade snack in a cooking class
A young student pages through a book at a desk
A young student colors at a desk in a classroom
A teacher reads to a young student in a classroom
A pair of young girls show off the books their reading while sitting on a classroom floor
A young child works on a workbook in a classroom
An older student helps a younger student with a project in a classroom
A teacher leans down to talk a student while working on a classroom project together
A teacher leans on a student's desk while they talk to each other
Two young boys show off friendship bracelets they made
A teacher talks about a book she is about to read to a group of young students
Two young students show off friendship bracelets they made
A student wearing a mask shows off a friendship bracelet
A student looks up from a workbook to look at instructions in the distance
A young student shows off her coloring work
A student uses a pencil to write in a workbook
Two middle school students work on lego projects
A volunteer helps a young student learn to play chess
Middle school students learn about yoga techniques in a classroom
Young students learn to play chess
Middle school students work on lego projects
Two students play chess together in a classroom
A middle school student molds clay for an art project
A yoga instructor positions a student into the proper pose
A middle school student molds clay for an art project
A middle school student uses a stick to mold clay
An art teacher demonstrates clay molding technique to a student
A student takes a close look at a mold he just made
Middle school students work together to learn how to set up a tent
A student examines a fossil in a classroom
A middle school student examines basic coding on a laptop
A middle school student smiles as she works away on a laptop
A teacher offers help to a student working on a laptop.
A middle school student works on a small robot vehicle
Three students look over instructions for a robotic car
Two young students work on a VEX Robotics kit on the floor of a classroom

Contact Information:

Tamika McGee
Julie Scarberry
Camp director

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