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At Woodland Hills, we prioritize the academic success and overall well-being of our students. Ensuring regular attendance is a fundamental aspect of their educational journey, and we are delighted to introduce our team of dedicated Attendance Specialists.

Our Social Workers/Home School Vistors are committed to promoting and maintaining high levels of student attendance. They work collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to address any challenges that may impact consistent attendance. Whether it's providing support for overcoming barriers or offering resources to enhance punctuality, our specialists are here to help.

Regular attendance is a key factor in academic success, and we appreciate your partnership in fostering a commitment to learning. Together, let's create a positive and supportive environment that encourages consistent attendance and contributes to the overall success of our students. Thank you for being an essential part of our educational community. 


School Social Workers:

High School - Kellie Irwin (A-L)  x5131    & 

Kiersten Snyder (M-Z)  x5136

Dickson Preparatory Academy - Ebony Taylor - x3123

Turtle Creek STEAM Academy  - Brittany Miller - x4131

Edgewood STEAM Academy  - Sarah Rivers - x2130

Wilkins STEAM Academy  - Danielle Zurisko - x2351