Amazon Wish List Fufilled


TEACHER #4 in our #10featuredteachers is Patrick Donley, a PE and Heath teacher from Pittsburgh PA! His Amazon wishlist will be up in my profile and in my stories ALL DAY. Let's get his kids some new equipment and supplies like healthy snacks and hygiene items and help Coach Donley #clearthelist!!!! Also, he will be getting that 300 dollar gift card from @michaelsstores because I'm a #michaelspartner and they LOVE teachers(teachers always get 15% off at Michael's stores)! Coach Donley's wife Jackie wrote in for him saying, "Hi Busy, I’d love for my husband to be a Featured Teacher! He has been working for 14 years now as a Health and PE teacher at an inner-city school. Every year he asks the principal to purchase gym equipment only to be told it’s “not in the budget”. He tries to come up with creative ways to get the students moving with limited equipment, but that usually means track workouts that no one likes or basketball over and over and over! This year, after over a decade at the high school, he has been moved to the Junior High due to massive furloughs in his district (causing even larger classrooms). I feel more than ever, the younger students really need equipment for gym and health class! It’s so crucial to start teaching a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age and these children are not getting that guidance at home! His students have a very tough life, typically with no male role models, and he really tries to step into that role and help them out through physical activity, coaching, team bonding and life skills!" I asked Coach Donley to say a little something and he said this: "The students I teach don't really have a lot. I'd like to open their eyes to all types of sports and exercise when they are in my classroom and not have them limited because of our limited equipment situation." OK GUYS! Let's do this! ????????????????????

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